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Robert Williford

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Meiosis

Two Kinds of Reproduction
One Makes Two:
asexual reproduction
, only one parent cell is needed for reproduction. This is how unicellular organisms reproduce and how most of our cells reproduce.
Meiosis in Eight Easy Steps
Review of Mitosis
Meiosis and Mendel
Two Make One
sexual reproduction
two parent cells join together to form a new individual.

sex cells
- parent cells that are different from ordinary body cells. They have 23 chromosomes.
- male sex cells
- also known as ova are female sex cells
Less is More
Each parent cell contributes half of a homologous chromosome. A fertilized egg then has a complete 46 chromosomes. Each body cell must have a complete set of chromosomes to grow and function properly.
Male or Female
sex chromosomes - carry genes that determine whether the offspring is male or female.
Meiosis to the Rescue
Meiosis - the copying process that produces sex cells. It produces cells with half the number of chromosomes.
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