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Smart Car

Sustainability Expo Workshop

angela barnes

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Smart Car

The Smart Car! safety efficiency and enviro-friendliness fun about Good things come in small packages 1.0L, 70hp, 3 cylindar engine 5 speed automated manual transmission paddle shifters full-size driver and passenger airbags head and neck side airbags convertible removable exterior panels cute as can BE tridion safety cell starts at $17,000 city/highway mpg 33/41 performance max speed 90 mph acceleration 0-60 mph in12.8 sec maneuverability 8.7 gal fuel tank weight 1852 lbs versitile Uses only water soluble paints Classified as an Ultra-Low Emmision Vehicle (ULEV) Electric pump blows fresh air into the exhaust port to almost completely oxidize the CO and HC rendering them almost harmless THE most fuel efficient non-hybrid in the US, third overall completely recyclable
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