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Social Movement


Jenae Valvoda

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Social Movement

Tofu? Uffda! Fargo-Moorhead Vegetarians and Vegans FMVEG Relating to Class... WUNC Display Modernization Theory Extending You An Invite to 'Veg After Dark' Ellen Degeneres on Becoming Vegan Tabling at MSUM Basic Facts Specifically.. Historical Cycles Globally A Light History
Lesson Vegetarianism is defined as..

Veganism is defined as Philosophers and religions promoted abstaining from animal consumption

Rise of Christianity in Roman Empire

Comeback in 19th century July 2006

300+ members currently

Not limited to people who identify as veg

Have influenced local restaurants

Hold potlucks, get-togethers, viewing parties, and tablings Worthiness



Commitment Change is unilinear
Irreversible and in the direction of modernity
Gradual, incrimental, and move in a non-disruptive manner
Occurs in stages that cannot be skipped
Result of immanent causation

Improvement of human condition Red Raven Espresso Parlor Comedy Night FREE!! - 8PM
TUESDAY Abstaining from flesh has been speculated to be as old as time itself (ahimsa in Asia)

First documented 6th century BCE (Greece, India)

Declined with rise of Roman Empire

Vegetarian Society founded in UK - 1847
International Vegetarian Union - Global -1908 Potlucks
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