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Amanda Todd

No description

Julie Frdederiksen

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Amanda Todd

.. .. Can she help others? Trolling and cyber bulling, is a global problem there should stop
Horrible examples of the missed Amanda Todd.
Other should use her as an example
keep fighting and not give up ... The story should be thought in school so that
Understand what the results of cyber bullying can be.
Make the new youths realize that such things have no place in our world. Amanda Todd Cyperbullying She inform the rest of the world of her situation Video about her longstanding bullying How it all started.. In 7th grade, she talk to strangers on webcam Vancouver girl Who is Amanda Todd? Posted her cyperbullying story online Cheerleader Meet and talk to new people Talked to new people Called her beautiful Flashed A year later, she got contacted on Facebook
Threatened - sending picture of her boobs
Christmas break, visit from the police The picture was out!!! Anxiety, major depression, drugs and alcohol A year later, the guy was back on Facebook New friends and school on the list. Facebook page, with her boobs as profile picture lost respect, hatted on her,
called her names and jugged. It was out there
started cutting Talked to old guy friend
He liked Amanda
He asked her to come home to him
..He had a girlfriend..
They Hooked up His girlfriend and 15 other girls
came to her school 1 week later 'Look around, nobody likes you' 'Just punch her already' Punched several times Kids filming it Found by her dad
Wanted to die so bad
Drank bleach
Didn't die
The bullying continued
Tried again keeps on bullying her
Countless of troll posts on “9gag”, “trollism”
Disrespected her and made fun of her death
To late to sorry A good ending
Gets a blog
Inform the world of their situation in the same way Fie Laursen
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