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Cultural Influences that Affect Participation in Sports Act

No description

Ryan Moran

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Cultural Influences that Affect Participation in Sports Act

Cultural Influences that Affect Participation in Sport
What is your reaction to this?
Sometimes your religious beliefs or cultural background can influence the physical activity you may do e.g. many Muslim women have to keep their bodies covered up
Racism - negative experiences may result in minorities not taking part in sport
Drinking culture within rugby
Fasting during Ramadan
Some minorities may self-segregate e.g. Asian football leagues
Your body can limit the activities you do
Older you get, less opportunity - TEAM V INDIVIDUAL
Some sports/activities may have age restrictions
Social-economic Class
Our education, background and geography can have an impact on the activities we participate in
Some sports can be expensive and time consuming e.g. equipment/travel
Where we live - Crosby Marina, inner city Liverpool
Task P6
Produce a presentation explaining three cultural influences on sports participation

Include examples within each cultural influence to demonstrate your knowledge
To understand the cultural influences that affect participation in sports activities

To be able to apply those cultural influences to examples

Often male dominated
Lack of media coverage
Fewer role models
Anatomy and physiology
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