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World History Project

No description

Kyla Nelson

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of World History Project

Byzantine Schism 1054 Roman Catholic vs. Eastern Orthodox Justinian Eastern Orthodox
Christianity Catholic Church Magna Carta
1215 limits the kings power Caliph Islam Spill Quran Silk Road Mongols Nomadic Silk Road Expansion Neolithic Revolution development of farming Domestication of Animals less nomadic Established
Govern. city and towns more ways to live River Valley Settled by Rivers Fresh Water Protection Transportation Fertile Soil Crops Classical Greece Persia Sea Trade Early Modern Polis Democracy Ming Athens Sparta Ottoman Socrates Plato Post Classical Aristotle Gunpowder empire Military based state God-King Isolation Satraps Persian War Confucianism Vs. Greece Renaissance Persia lost Rome Greece India Sanskirt Caste System Socrates China West Europe Aristotle Polytheistic Platos Seven Method Loess Soil Yellow River Fuedalism Rome Trade Manoralism Science Revolution Republic Self 12 tables Israel Monotheistic Judaism 10 Commandments Zhou Crusades Qin Christians vs. Turks Han Confucianism Daoism harmony Legalism political philosophies harsh Copernicus Newton Boyle Galileo Archimedes Pythagorus Eratosthenes Mohamad China Technology Plague 100 Years War Joan of Arc Africa Gold Salt Trade SlaveTrade Spread of Islam Gunpowder England Vs. France Art Fertilization American Civilization Irrigation Mesopotamia Cuneiform Helio
Model Inca Fertile Crescent Mayans Aztecs Created Telescope Egypt created laws of motion Built Roads Chemist Astronomer Heiroglyphics worked against the roman church Written language Central God Wrote his collections in a book called the Starry Messenger Monarch Trade Francis Bacon Pyramids Buddhism Architecture
develops Education
increases Lunar Calender Siddhartha Gautama Eight Fold Path Solar Calender Four Noble Truths Modern Church vs. Secularism Enlightenment John
Locke 3 basic human rights Contemporary Era Adam
Smith Laissez Faire Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence Michelangelo Industrial Revolution Raphael World War I Textiles Urbanization Steam
Engine Imperialism James Watts Railroads Great Britain Rises Central Powers Ottoman Empire Martin Luther Adolf Hitler Protestant
Reformation 95
Thesis' Evangelist Decrease of Church John Calvin Calvinism Henry VIII Church of England Printing Press Johannes
Gutenberg God King Influenced historical writtings increased written documents increased literacy Great Wall China Glorious Revolution surrounded by water Archduke killed Changed England's Political System a supply of food Absolute Monarchy Archduke Ferdinand fish and other aquatic animals Constitutional Monarchy Bill of Rights Nationalism American Revolution larger land animals revolutions Constitution Technology come to river to prey on fish come to river for fresh water Bill of Rights Allied Powers Unfair Taxes Serbia France Colonists wanted representation in parliament. Tamed Cattle Great Britain Independence pets French & Indian War Austria-Hungary Rise of Napoleon Winston Churchill French Revolution Financial Napoleonic Wars Exiled Russia Russian Revolution French Empire architecture Controlled Great Britain pyramid boats Attempted Russia Defeated first written language Latin American Revolution Raymond Poincaré Distracted Indus River Civilization Creoles economy trade Trenches Nationalism stalement Simon Bolivar early sanitation system Tie Hidalgo Freed Mexico Caste System Germany European Imperialism Yellow River Civilization Queen Victoria also called Huang He Treaty of Versaille start of many chinese empires literature Total War Silk Road Trade Mandate Great Britain Demilitarized Reparations to
Germany Architecture Stone monuments Led to the rise of Adolf Hitler Worshipped the sun Tenochtitlan Triple alliance World War 2 Spanish conquest Broke 14 Points Woodrow Wilson League of Nations America 27 4 8 Hitler NAZI Holocaust Genocide Jewish people killed Totalitarian Interwar Appeasement Axis Powers Italy Japan Tojo Pearl Harbor Allied Powers Divided Germany Cold War Korean War Domino Effect Interwar Global Depression U.S. Stock Crash Facsits NASA Atomic Communism and Command Economy
vs. Democracy and Free Enterprice Russia Russian Revolution Bolsheviks Lenin Communism Cuba China North Korea
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