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Nishant Bhartia

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mission and vision A well informed and coordinated team to increase the level of the Antaragni.
Proper coordination between event head and show m team.
Optimal plan for New SAC
Proper communication with the contractors Head 10 senior executives
4 audi , 2 new sac , 2 miscellneous and 2 for LHC 20-25 executives Secretaries Team Structure Time line march-april Mid-August august September mid september -October Selection of senior executives and executives
Booking of main venues like audi ,outreach audi. , V H regular meetings with executives and event heads
selection of secretaries
Form creative team including 2 heads and executives.(8-10 senior executives(3rd year), 10-15 executives(2nd year) and secreatries ) Finalizing of venues of all the events
Discuss the designs with creative team and we will assign a venue to every executives of the creative team.
Distribute the duties and venues to the Show M executives and I will also introduce them to there respective event coordinators so that event can be organized smoothly and on time at the time of fest. Finalize all the requirement of the events
Coordinate with the Finance team to pass the tenders atleast 2-3 weeks before the fest. Finalizing the contractors
Finish the structures at least one day before the fest so that there are no last moment changes in the design or looks . Ideas and Initiatives ANTARAGNI'13 Nominee : Nishant Bhartia (10454) Thank you Head Show Management 2-3 buses internally in a fixed time period of time (in every 30- 45 min ) would be run
I have talk to the MT head about that and he said he has 2 buses in spare and if any bus is free he can give them to
Tentative bus charges for 12 hour for one bus is Rs 4000 (52 seater) 12 hours Increase fun element with informal gamed (like angry birds)
and food stalls in between like hall 2 parking, hall 3 parking
Re introduce mall gadi to increase fun in the way for people
Introduce Shuttle Service to connect Auditorium and New SAC
Maintain Kavi Sammelan at convocation ground If not possible shift to Auditorium.
Shift "India Haat" to hall 8 grounds
Provide hall 8 grounds & side place of hockey and football ground for practise
Shift Director's cut to OAT, New SAC & maintain Mridaksh to New SAC 10th - 13th Oct. sdkjhjdkdkc
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