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No description

kc l

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of InfoHub

Phase III Interaction Design and Prototype Prototype Interaction Input Familiar and intuitive
No peripherals to maintain
Well suited for direct manipulation Touchscreen Criteria & Guidelines Consistent and coherent
Immediate feedback Only single touch/press
No hover
No long press
Elements appear interactable { Information Design Allowing users to rearrange destinations in "My Places to Visit" list or at Checkout Initial Designs
Triangular vs Rectangular Have a "My Places to Visit" feature Activities Activity and Information Design Phase II Looking for new places Finding business information Self-guided tour Looking for new places Finding business information Self-guided tours Choosing a location from reviews Going to a specific place in a city Interesting Claims Interesting Claims External Redbox User Interface Phase I How do you find a great restaurant? How do you find out when a film's next showing is? what if you aren't at a computer? Transportation Habits
Local Business vs Chain
Frequency of finding new places
Comfort level with touch screens
Interested in... Requirements Analysis Phase IV Evaluation Goals Design Redesign Answer questions like: Are any labels confusing?
Is every button's meaning clear?
Can people properly manipulate the interface as is? Interviews (Analytic Study) Survey (Empirical Study) Results Interviews Survey "Check Out" Major Problems Arrows in My Places Data Analysis "Add to Places" "Check Out" "My Destinations" "Add To Places" "Add To My Destinations" Add help button to "My Places" dialog Add zoom controls Add map movement controls InfoHub by Karl Mittman, John Ewers, Eric Johnson, and Casey Link and if you don't have a phone? InfoHub Street Level, Local, Contextual Tourists Citizens Local Businesses Stakeholders Field Studies Self guided tours were popular Walking and public transportation most popular Local businesses preferred over chains Findings Any questions?
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