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History of Hip-Hop Dance

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delilah tellez

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of History of Hip-Hop Dance

1. Stressing, and a great
learning experience

2. Many people identify
themselves with hip-hop

3. Impressing facts on hip-
hops origins

Although many people find Hip-Hip dance inappropriate, hip-hop dance offers individuals the opportunity to express themselves artistically, and has been rapidly gaining acceptance into society, even in academia.
History of HIP-HOP DANCE
Delilah Tellez
Ms. Cisneros
English 12B
Period 7

Dancing is an enjoyable way to express oneself. It is also a great way to exercise and relieve stress. Hip-hop dance has taken many forms throughout its evolution.
...as Therapy?
Helps people connect and express themselves

Therapeutic and culturally relevant

Process makes connections between moods, emotions, and movements

Successful in improving:
- Body Image
- Stress and anxiety
- Depression
- Trauma injury recovery
- Aids and cancer patients
What I Will Miss...
Thank You!
Learning Stretch
This is what I learned...
Learning Stretch
1. Time management skills

3. Proper citations

4, MLA format

5. Researching on-line

6. Presentation skills

My 5-Year Plan
Finished college, or just finishing-up
Still living with family, to
continue saving money
Hopefully, working in the business field
Hip Hop Styles
Black and Latino Americans created
uprock and breaking in NYC
Black Americans in California created locking, roboting, boogaloo, and popping
All have street origins
and improvisational
More than 40 years old
Became widely known after the 1st professional dance crews formed in the 1970's
The most influential groups:
Rock Steady Crew
The Lockers, and
The Electric Boogaloos
Emerged from breaking and funk styles
Hip-hop social dancing begins
Famous dance styles develop including:
- The Roger Rabbit
- The Cabbage Patch
- The Worm

Followed by the Humpty Dance &
the Running Man of 1990's
B-boy stands for "break-boy"
B-boys dance to the break of a record
Capoeira, Afro-Brazilian martial art, disguised as a dance
Tap dance, lindy hop, salsa, Afro-Cuban, and various African and Native American dances
Teams of street dancers who get together in the 70's to develop new moves, create dance routines, and battle each other
- Have their roots in gangs
- Whoever won the dance battle, decided where the fight
would be
- Crews create new steps

Some of the oldest crews include:
Dynamic Rockers
Afrika Bambaataa's Mighty Zulu Kings
It Goes Mainstream
The television show
Soul Train
1990, MC Hammer creates the Hammer dance
"Young B"

releases the song
"Chicken Noodle Soup"
TV shows and Movies
A cultural movement that blossomed in the
African American and Hispanic communities
of the Bronx, New York

Two styles: East coast and West coast

DJ Kool Herc, responsible for making Hip-hop dancing popular
Fast, credit recovery
The "Fly Girls" from In Living Color
On the catwalk
Ms. Cisneros
Ms. Perez
Board Judges
What I Liked About High School?
My friends
High school experience
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