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Confusing words

No description

Luisa Camacho

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Confusing words

Developed by Luisa Camacho
Confusing words
accept / except
advice / advise
affect / effect
alike / (un)like
almost / most
alredy / all ready
among / between
amount / quantity
and / also
another / other / others
as / like
base / basis
beside / besides
costume / custom
descent / decent
do / make
especially / special
farther / further
first / former
formally / formerly
had better /
would rather
hard / hardly
imaginary / imaginative
it´s / its
later / latter / last
lay /lie / lie
(write tenses
of two verbs)
loose / lose
maybe / may be
near / nearly
no / not / none
on the contrary /
on the other hand
passed / past
quiet / quite
raise / rise
rice / arise
remember / remind
sensible / sensitive
set / sit
(write all the tenses)
so/that / such/that
than / then
their / they´re
thorought /
to / too /
too / very
who´s / whose
your / you´re
expect / hope /
wait / wish
look forward to
Add the following row in order to complete the chart:
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