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MS Volleyball

No description

Raegan Schreiber

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of MS Volleyball

Junior Varsity
Top Row Left: Lindsey Frye starts the Warriors off with a serve for the offensive play.
Top Row Center: Morgan Gaines serves an underhand ball to the defensive team.
Top Row Right: The ball flies through the air as Paige Garcia serves the ball.
Middle Left: Jadyn Burk and Madison Britton get ready for the ball to come over the net.
Middle Right: Lining up to start the game, the team wishes the opponents good luck.
Top Row Left: Madison Britton moves to back up teammate, Jadyn Burke as she takes the ball.
Top Row Right: Madison Britton goes after the ball and hits it over the net.
Middle Row Left: Passing the ball over the net is Adriana Newman.
Middle Row Center: Sydney Jantz moves in ready position to pass the ball to the setter.
Middle Row Right: Sydney Jantz encourages her teammate Jadyn Burke.
Bottom Row: The team gets together and celebrates after their first win.
Top Row Left: The Warrior varsity team lines up to wish the opposing team good luck.
Middle Row Left: As Taylor Wallace passes the ball, teammates Sydney Hodges and Desiree Wittig back her up.
Middle Row, Top Right: Tori Pickens serves an overhand ball over the net.

Top Row Left: The Warrior varsity team lines up to play the first match of their game.
Top Row Right: Taylor Wallace passes the ball to the setter.
Center: The team performs their pregame breakdown.
Bottom Left, Top: Sydney Hodges has a perfect pass to the setter.
Bottom Row, Upper Left: Sydney Hodges takes the pass and gets it to a teammate.
Bottom Row, Lower Left: Tiyonnah Sattler goes up for a kill.
Bottom Right: Sydney Hodges goes to backup teammate, Kayla Page as she passes the ball.
Bottom Left: As Paige Garcia goes after the ball, Lexi Schreiber backs her teammate up.
Bottom Right: When the ball comes back over, Lexi Schreiber goes after the ball and passes it to the setter.

Bottom Row Right: The team gathers together to cheer each other up.

Under new coach, Isaac Burnett, the Middle School Warriors started the season with 14 players; three of which were returning players. "One thing I would like to improve on by the end of the season is team chemistry on and off the court," Coach Burnett said about his new team. By the end of the year the girls had grown as teammates and as off court friends. A highlight of the season for many players was winning their first game. Upon winning that game against Elyria Christian Kayla Page commented, "I loved feeling that joy and excitement, and my team cheering me on!" The team ended the season with 2 wins and 6 losses. Both wins were against Elyria Christian.
Back Row, Left to Right: Madison Britton, Lexi Schreiber, Morgan Gaines, Paige Garcia, Lindsey Frye, Adriana Newman and Coach Isaac Burnett.
Front Row, Left to Right: Jadyn Burke, Taylor Wallace, Tori Pickens, Sydney Hodges, Sydney Jantz, Desiree Wittig, Tiyonnah Sattler and Kayla Page

Peabody-Burns Middle School Volleyball
Middle Row, Bottom Right: Serving an underhand ball is Sydney Jantz.
Bottom Row, Left: In down and ready position, Tori Pickens, Tiyonnah Sattler and Kayla Page prepare for the ball.

Being able to work together with a great team and seeing everyone enjoy every minute.
-Tori Pickens

Team Quotes
What did you enjoy most about being out for volleyball?
Being with friends and having fun.
-Kayla Page
That we all got along very well.
-Desiree Wittig
Coach Quote

Being volleyball coach for the first time was exciting because of how much I had to learn. I learned from coach Schroeder, videos, and even the girls on my team. I definitely enjoyed being in a position to learn and teach new things.
-Isaac Burnett

What did you enjoy most about being the volleyball coach for the first time?
Team Quotes

He would never yell at us and he would let us talk on the bus. We were all friends.
-Jadyn Burke
What's your favorite thing about your coach? And team?
His ability to not give up on us and to have patients. For my team, seeing them mess up, get mad, and being determined to stand up, and correct it with a smile.
-Tori Pickens
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