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No description

mark-anthony roache

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Stress

Stress Have you ever... Felt sick to your stomach? Trouble sleeping? Worry until you have a headache? This is what you may feel when stressed What is stress? Worried or uncomfortable
about something, which leads
to... feeling angry frustrated scared afraid What causes stress? Remember... There's good stress
and bad stress Good stress may be
when... Feeling butterflies
in your stomach Sweaty palms This kind of stress
may help you get
things done. What are some
examples? Bad stress is when
stressful situations
are ongoing. Parents constantly
arguing in front of
you Sick family
members Problems at school This type of
stress can make
you sick. Once you've recognized
you're stressed, what
can you do? Try talking Stop doing
too much Relaxation
Exercises Finding a
Balance SELF Sleep Exercise Leisure Food
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