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Ferdinand Magellan 604

No description


on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan 604

Early Life 1480-1521 One of the greatest explorers in the
Renaissance Period Magellan Ferdinand Fernão de Magalhães
-Born in 1480

-Native name was Fernão de Magalhães

-Had three siblings

-Lived with parents

-Parents died in 1490

-Was a page at a young age http://www.biography.com/people/ferdinand-magellan-9395202 By: Linda, Sarah and Mohab Sarah -got a job as queens messenger

-Became a page

-Went to school in Libson

-Studied many things Education Hope you enjoyed our slide show! THE
END!!! :) Linda -first voyage with Francisco De Almeida

-ended up going around the world

Mohab and Linda Voyages crew Crew And Ships -had 5 ships

-Desperate for sailors

-Had about 250 men Hardships -Had trouble finding sailors
-Crew tried to kill him
-When he left India
-Three of his five captains mutinied
-Not all sailors came back

-One of the first meridians to cross the globe
-First individual to circumnavigate the globe
-fleet passed the Tierra del Fuego
-Named the Pacific Ocean Mohab hi no no don't move the words hi abdullah is 5 myne Linda and Sarah Philippines went to school here born here Sarah Successes
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