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Advocacy Website

English 1312 Group Presentation

Corrine Kaaihue

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Advocacy Website

English 1312 Advocacy Website Yvonne Letty Mireya
Corrine What is the rhetorical puropse of this assignment?
To create our own website from the ground up
Why are we doing this assignment? This website is being created for teaching purposes

Others can go to become more informed on our topic of choice

This website can also aid us in our lit review primary research What are we learning from doing this? How to build and design our own website

How to effectively advocate for an important cause How does this assignment build on previous assignments?
In our last assingments, we have used genres and analyzed them in order to deepen our understanding of discourse community.

As we know, a genre is a form of communication such as a book, a billboard, or a blog (which we will be building). Who is the imagined audience? Consider discourse communities. All of our peers (as they will be informed of the website)

Our professor, Ms. Frazier

Anyone else with internet access that comes across the website Where can your students find this assignment in the e-guide? Pages 578-592
learning moduls: advocacy website on blackbooard What are the due dates? Due date for test run is two weeks from now (week ten) and the completed website is due on the week of finals (8 weeks from now)

Page requirements / length? Homepage 50-75 words

Summary, "About me", and connection to relevant assignments 50 words each Technology needed? Computer with internet access

And your choice of: I-Web (on the MAC), Weebly.com, Yola.com, Webs.com, Google web pages Pageflakes Blogger Wikis (wetpaint, pbworks, etc.) Components of the assignment... Homepage
About me page
Connection to relevant assignments
Resources page
Copyright and fair use information What kind and how much evidence is required? One should provide evidence (aka citations) of credible sources so information contained in website appears relieable to readers What are the first steps your peers should take to start this assignment? First, determine what way you want your website to influence public policy (ex. awareness and plan of action, propose solution, or simply provide a space for argument)

Secondly, chose a template provided or web software that goes in accordance with their design plan which consists of: - What typeface and colors will you use? Will you use graphics, pictures, or images?
- In what order will you arrange your ideas?
- How will you use ethos, pathos, and logos?
- Where and how on your website will you use your previous assignments from the class?
- How will you use hyperlinks? For images? For words? QUIZ TIME!! Where can you find this assignment in the e-guide? When is this assignment due? What's the general purpose of the assignment? Name two components of the assignment... What technology is needed for this assignment? pages 578-592 two weeks and eight weeks from now to educate others on our topic homepage resources page
about me page images
summary fair use info computer with internet access
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