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Booster Juice: An International Business Project

No description

Prachi Eeshuu

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Booster Juice: An International Business Project

AN OASIS OF FRESHNESS recipe for smoothie success “To provide customers with an incredible, healthy alternative to fast food that is great tasting, convenient and nutritious; making it perfectly suited for today’s active lifestyle.” Company Overview Sold over 100 million smoothies since 1999

2011, system wide sales eclipsed to $110 million

International system wide sales totaled more than $51.7 million Product Smoothies Superfoods
Matcha Tea
Wheatgrass Boosters: herbal and nutritional supplements that do not alter the taste HQ: Edmonton, Alberta
Canada's largest smoothie chain Thank You! > smoothies
> juices
> wraps
> shots Company Size 175 International Booster Juice Stores How International is Booster Juice? 13 years: 375 stores Other Products 2003: Over 100 franchised stores across Canada Superfood High Protein Superfood Power Berry Lifestyle Tropical Spirit Smoothie Features Juices Freshly Squeezed hots Panini Quesadilla Wrap Two Guys, One Big Idea National Expansion Company History International Sensation Dale Wishewan + Jon Amack + camping trip

Booster Juice Check out the smoothie market in the States! Why ain't there one in Canada? November 1999: Edmonton 2000: 15 new locations
2001: 50 locations in Western Canada
2003: 100 locations across Canada 2012: 350 stores! United States India Mexico Brazil Netherlands Imports Superfoods:
Acai (from Brazil)
Pomegranate (Mediterranean region of Europe)
Matcha (from Japan) IQF Pineapples and Mangos Social Responsibility Pioneered introduction of superfoods Uses organic fruits, sorbets and dairy and soy products Buy fair trade, organic acai The Juicy Daily Mexico: Where Booster Juice, Starbucks reign
“There is this middle class [of Mexicans] that wants North American brands.”
60% of Mexican families earn between $6,000 and $25,000
The price of a smoothie is 50 peso (equivalent to $3.70) Booster Juice jets off to Brazil
- Opens in Curitibia (pop. 1.8 million) instead of Rio de Janerio (pop. Over 10 million)
Create a brand; get recognition
Brazil will be hosting 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics
- Brazilians are accustomed to distinct mango flavours
Mango sorbet is replacing orange in several smoothies Boost Profits with Booster Juice
-In India, Brand Calculus is the Master franchisee
They work directly with the franchisor and franchisees
They help build a strong business support system by having a training programme which teaches hard and soft skills
- A new line of milkshakes, fruit based hot beverages, and smoothies containing Indian fruits were created
- Prices and cup sizes were changed
An 8 ounce cup was introduced in to the Indian market Smoothie
Success International News
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