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Romantic Era: Science/Technology

No description

Group 9

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Romantic Era: Science/Technology

Group 9: Kassandra,Alia,and Octavio Science/Technology
of the Romantic Era The Romantic Era Love Nature Is science that bad? Science is so mainstream.. -The concentration of emotion, adventure, & imagination during the Romantic era led to new ideas of creation, such as Darwin's theory of evolution. -Romanticism promoted the idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," & that humanity is connected to nature. These ideas encouraged scientific discovery because acquiring knowledge of nature increased understanding of humanity as well. Darwin's theory of evolution illustrates this point. -Although science connected man with nature, there were some writers who weren't keen on science's manipulation of nature. Among these writers were, Mary Shelley with her book of "Frankenstein", Edgar Ellen Poe and his 1829 "Sonnet to Science", and Jon Keats portrayal of "cold philosophy" in his poem "Lamia". -The Romantics believed in natural science, which rejected mechanical metaphors for organic ones. They viewed the world as composed of living beings with sentiments, rather than objects that merely function. Science/Technology -An intellectual movement from 1800-1840 that concentrated on human diversity & looking at life in a new way that embraced emotion before rationality. Logic or Emotion? -Romantics often turned to the poet before the scientist to harbor their convictions because they believed that science lacked feeling & emotional thought, due to its narrow-mind & heartless ideas. New Ideas Achievements -Some advancements that romanticism brought to science/technology were: developmental history of earth & its creatures, investigations of mental states, discovery of nature's hidden forces (electricity, magnetism, galvanism, and other life forces), meteorology, mineralogy, & physiognomy.
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