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Age of Exploration: The Spread of Disease Around the World

History project, 2011-2012

Andrea Li

on 19 December 2011

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Transcript of Age of Exploration: The Spread of Disease Around the World

Age of Exploration:
The Spread of Disease Around the World Disease
to Old World:
Syphilis Diseases introduced
to New World:
Measles by: Andrea Li Effects on population:
100 years: 90% decrease
300 years: 95% decrease (30 to 1.5 million)
Smallpox (50-90%) New World Old World Social effects:
Fewer people
Less food
Increased starvation
Cultural effects:
Knowledge and wisdom
Religious convictions
"Shell of former heritage" Political effects:
Broken tribal leadership
Conquest of native nations Da Gama and his crew Yaws New World Old World Old World New World Literature Cited
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Syphilis Disease
to Old World:
Syphilis Across the Bering Strait
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