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Lars and the real girl - movie analysis

Lars and the real girl

Carolina Wit

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Lars and the real girl - movie analysis

movie analysis Lars And The Real Girl Questions: Lars and Gus are the grown children of a father who died recently and a mother who died giving birth to Lars. But as brothers, they couldn't be more different. While Gus lives in the family home and has a loving wife and a child on the way, Lars leads a more reclusive existence in the family's garage, hiding in plain sight of his small, wintry hometown. Painfully shy and eccentric, Lars fails to recognize that his co-worker Margo has a major crush on him, and he picks up on a casual reference made by his cubicle mate, who mentions a website where you can order life-sized, anatomically correct sex dolls. But instead of seeing a sex object, Lars sees in this doll a potential life partner and the only kind of social "peer" he can relate to. So Lars orders a doll, whom he names Bianca, and begins treating her with utmost gentlemanly respect -- and as though she's his real-life, flesh-and-blood girlfriend. As he begins bringing Bianca with him everywhere he goes, the townspeople have to find just the right balance between supporting Lars' unusual romance and trying to introduce him to a more conventional partner. Lars grew up without his mother and had a troubled father who could not give him the love that he needed. He has troubles to relate to people, because he's afraid of being abandoned Lars: Lars has more than one disorder. He has avoidant personality disorder; Delusional disorder and Haphephobia. All the diseases are showed properly, they all contain the properly symptoms In the end of the movie Bianca dies. It was the way that Lars found of letting she goes. His treatments were basically some therapy sessions. In the real life his treatments could had been a combination of drug therapy, psychotherapy social skills training, cognitive therapy, exposure treatment to gradually increase social contacts, group therapy for practicing social skills.
Some of the medications that can be used: antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs (Adapin, Ativan...) Treatment: Gus: Gus is Lars' brother. He left home soon and had a chance to really grow up and become an adult. He feels responsible for Lars' problems Karin: Lars' sister in law. A lovely woman who always tries to make Lars feel at home. Avoidant Personality Disorder: As it happen in the disorder, the movie shows some of the symptoms as: Self-imposed social isolation, avoids physical contact because it has been associated with an unpleasant or painful stimulus, depression. Delusional Disorder: expresses an idea or belief with unusual persistence or force; idea appears to exert an undue influence on the patient's life, and the way of life is often altered to an inexplicable extent, no evidence of full-blown schizophrenia, apart from delusion that person function is not markedly impaired; neither is behavior obviously odd or bizarre Haphephobia: is a rare specific phobia that involves the fear of touching or of being touched. Victims describe being touched as something that "burns like fire", causing him to freeze up or to lash out. Avoidant Personality Disorder http://movieclips.com/kbAD-lars-and-the-real-girl-movie-worried-about-lars/ Delusional disorder Haphephobia Scene http://movieclips.com/PcXGZ-lars-and-the-real-girl-movie-touch-therapy/ -Do you think Lars could had been different if he had another childhood? -What would you do if you were in
Gus and Karin situation? Carolina Wit Psychology 11
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