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Star Warfare Alien Invasion

This game is made for apple devices

Christian Arceo

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Star Warfare Alien Invasion

Star Warfare Alien Invasion How to survive and be the pro! How to tell what rank you are How to start your journey When you begin make sure you have armor before you buy a gun because when you start, you will be rank 1 and you need to have armor to protect yourself. Your gun will be good for the mean time, but after you get the armor i insist getting a shot gun for better damage instead
of using a machine gun. How to defend yourself from enemies in pvp or ctf To tell what rank you are there's a badge that's yellow on your top right and the badge will be like this. As you can see there is a badge that is red that has 3 arrows down which means rank 9. The badges goes up by 3 arrows down and when your color changes that means your in a new lvl The best way to protect yourself is to blast and hide in pvp but also people does glitches so be careful in microwave (a map for pvp) because there is a lot of glitches there. If any players are higher level then you, i would sneak attack because higher ranked players have strong armor to get and good weapons How to rank up from rank 1 To rank up from rank 1, when you first start the application it will show on the bottom is [Survival] and [online]. The survival will allow you to rank up and online is where you can pvp or ctf and play with other players on co-op. Once you rank up, your badge changes into another color or a new v (arrow). Types of good armor The good types of armors are cygni, pegasus, perseus, dec. 24, andromadae, atom, and chaos ! They are the best types for high ranks like rank 7 and above. The good types of armor for lower ranks are fortune, striker, titan, and thunder! You never expected this but
Christian Arceo
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