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: Main Goal: Dust Effects: Opening Shot

No description

Shane O'Shea

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of : Main Goal: Dust Effects: Opening Shot

Shane O'Shea
"Name under debate...... :D"
Visual Board

Scene 1
Storyboard - To give general idea

Scene Opens up on dust and debris suspended in mid air.

-Dust starts to collect and gather up into a compact sphere of sorts
-compact sphere develops cracks and heats up in little slices to the background music catching energy.
-Turns into a sun resembling ball of fire.

Scene 2

light beams cast into the remaining dust and seeds appear from which plants start snaking out of and growing suspended in mid-air where the light beams are.

Scene 3

- slowly they lead down into the ground and start taking root. They spread out and diversify.
-little beams of light sliver through the sky down where the plants are growing. Slowly they get smaller and the moonlight comes out.
-Little glowing particle spheres dance among the plants and compliment their bio luminescence
-morning Fog rolls in for visual depth as the sun comes out again.

Scene 4

- some strange predator-like mechanical plants start growing this time around the other plants.Entangling around them.
-Real plants struggle and slowly creep/recede back into the ground.

Scene 5
[MS] Dust & debris suspended in a vacuum
[CU] Debris and dust start to gather and clump
[CU] Clumps gather and start to form a sphere (ball up)
[CU] Ball hardens with other particles still floating around
[CU] Starts to crack and heat up. Streaks of fire start to pulse across sphere
[CU] Fire fully develops and appears sun-like.
[MS] Light beams from sun appear shining down
[CU] Close up on beam with nice light fall off and dust
[CU] Seeds start to appear out of the beam in mid air
[CU] Seeds fully grown suspended
[CU] Seeds open and roots slowly creep out
[ECU] roots intertwine and make their way past screen
[MS] Roots go into ground
[WS] Plants start to grow and diversify; light beams in back ground
[WS] As plants start to grow light beams sliver into night time
[MS] Little particle orbs resembling fireflies dance around the luminescentplants.
[WS] Morning fog rolls in as morning approaches
*Broken down in depth as we proceed.

-Plants pop back up and take form over a motion captured human/animal.
-The form reaches up and grabs the sun, holding it close and growing it into the form’s chest where its heart would be.

Scene 6

-another form is growing in the shape of another human/animal this time with the mechanical/wirey elements.

-They stand apart for a second and then the mechanical form drives a portion of its chest out into the heart of the plant form and rips out the sun from within to collect it for it’s own fuel source/energy


Scene 7

-The plant figure falls to its knees and grows smaller and starts to decay/turn to dust/dirt and is no more while the mechanical unit gets more powerful and big.

-It stops for a second however, in a panic as the sun starts to grow smaller, and burn out as the machine uses up all the suns energy.

-From here the machine figure also falls, and rusts/crumbles away.

Scene 8

[MS] Wirey delicate looking metal plants sprout up.
[CU] Wire plants start coiling around other plants and strangling them
[CU] Plants struggle and recceed into the ground.
[ECU] Plant vines shoot up out of ground.
[CU] Plant vines wrap into foot of a human and work its way through forming a whole body
[WS] Plant Mo-cap figure is fully rendered and looking around
[WS] Figure pulls it down delicately
[CU] Sun from beginning of scene is reached for by figure
[MS] Plant figure puts sun close to chest where heart is
[CU] Plant figure has vines grow around sun and it ends up inside the figure as its heart.
[ECU] Metal figures look disturbed
[MS] Metal figures shoot up
[over shoulder] Figure forms out of metal creature
[EWS] Figured stand apart looking at each other from the distance for a few seconds.
[WS] Metal figure drives out part of its chest at plant figure
[WS] Plant figure is impailed
[WS] Metal figure removes sun heart from plant figure; plant figure falls to knees
[WS] As everything disintegrates, it ends up back into dust
[CU] Debris and dust start to gather and clump
[CU] Clumps gather and start to form a sphere (ball up)
[CU] Ball hardens with other particles still floating around
[CU] Ball turns into a new sun.
[CU] Metal figure chambers sun and starts using as fuel source.
[WS] Metal figure gets bigger and more menacing
[CU] Sun starts to get weaker, and loses energy/glow
[WS] Metal figure panics, and too starts to grow smaller as the sun goes out.
[WS] Metal figure rusts/crumbles away as well.
[CU] Plant figure starts to whither and crumble away into dust/dirt
Needed: Scenes 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7
Stretch Goals: Scenes 3, 4 & 9
- Wouldn't it be cool if scene 9 perfectly looped?

- Yes this is set up so all motion capture stuff will be one of the first things done to plan for possible issues.

- I like the idea of "Cycle" as a name, but it's taken by a lot. Also "Dust to Dust" sounds to cliche.

Tech implications:

- Houdini for procedural generation and animations.
- Render in Mantra or Render Man.
- Expecting this to be a 3 minute video tops.
- Still need a good emotional capturing music piece. Online free source websites aren't doing my mind justice.
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