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No description

Kelsey Liss

on 19 February 2013

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Sentence Fragments Every sentence needs
a subject Ex: Went to the beach. Every sentence needs
a verb The verb in a sentence is the action that the
subject is receiving. Never Start a sentence with
a relative pronoun Common relative pronouns include: Never start a sentence with subordinators A sentence fragment is... -when -until -where
-after -before -so
-however -while -so that
-because - since -if
-though -although an incomplete phrase, detached from a main clause, that is punctuated as if it were a full sentence Fragment Rule: When creating a sentence, always make sure that it has a subject, a verb, and is a complete thought. Example: If I don't do my homework. -That
-Whoever -Whomever
-Which Example: Whoever ate the pie. The subject of the sentence is the noun that receives the verb in the sentence. This is incorrect because there is no noun
to receive the action of going to the store. Corrected ex: Melissa went to the beach. Ex: The small white dog. This is incorrect because there is no action that
the subject is performing. Corrected ex: The small white dog took
a walk. Correct this sentence by taking away the subordinator or by adding an independent clause. Common subordinators include: Corrected example 1: I don't do my homework. Correct this sentence by naming the subject that the relative pronoun represents or by making the phrase a subject and adding a predicate. Corrected example 1: Kelsey ate the pie. Corrected example 2: If I don't do my homework, my mom will be mad. Corrected example 2: Whoever ate the pie is going to be in trouble. Fragments Fragments make the writing choppy and since it does not express a complete thought it is very confusing to the audience.
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