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A whole campus approach to 1:1 iPad implementation

ACLE 2013 presentation by Andrew McCaskill about Trinity Lutheran College

Andrew McCaskill

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of A whole campus approach to 1:1 iPad implementation

A whole campus approach to 1:1 iPad implementation
What we will cover today...
Facts about Trinity Lutheran College
The Why...
The What...
The How...
Our timeline
What we have learned
Where to now...
Sir Ken Robinson
Facts about
Trinity Lutheran College
P-12 Co-educational College over two locations on the Gold Coast.
Established 1981.
Approximately 1100 students.
Implemented an iPad program from Years 5 to 12.
Years 5 to 9 are BYOD.
Years 10 to 12 are Government funded.
We are also an International Baccalaureate World School.
The Why...
ICT's are a learning tool, integrated into the curriculum and embedded into classroom teaching and learning practices.
The use of ICT's is not optional - rapid change, reflect on personal use, support of BYOD, student lead - flexible use.
To implement large scale pedagogical change in the use of ICT's.
To balance a diverse group of teachers in their capacity to use technology.
The What...
The focus was on developing teacher capacity in 3 areas:

1. Curriculum and pedagogy.
2. Using ICT's as a personal productivity tool.
3. Planning and implementing technology rich programs:
LCMS - myTrinity.
P-4 integrated ICT.
5-12 1:1 iPad Program.
Andrew McCaskill | Head of Learning - Academic ICT Integration
Trinity Lutheran College - Gold Coast

SAMR Model
What we have learned
Professional development needs to be progressive and adaptable.
That it is not about the apps and devices.
Consistent pedagogical goals need to be reached by all and regularly monitored.
Provide a clear operational plan.
Un-tether the teacher.
Where to now...
iPads as 2:1 class sets P-3 in 2014
BYOD from Years 4-11 in 2014
BYOD secondary device Years 10-12 starting 2014.
Implement an iMac Lab.
Return previously leased laptops.
Research cloud based solutions.
Match teaching standards.
AITSL Standards
NMC Horizon Report K-12
Gartner Hype Cycle
Social Media
Thank You

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