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Advantages and disadvantages of Presidential and Parliamenta

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Katie Lea

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Advantages and disadvantages of Presidential and Parliamenta

Advantages and disadvantages of Presidential and Parliamentary systems of Government
Presidential system advantages:

National Head of State
Clear demarcation between Executive and Legislative branch
Allowing for more effective set of checks-and-balances to be placed on both branches.
cont on.. Presidential system Advantages

Executive branch have clear power to hierarchy
President is free to make major policy decisions without public support.
Presidential system of Government disadvantages:

May fall to authoritarianism.
Runs risks of vesting all the authority
Could lead President to tyranny .
cont on Presidential system Disadvantages:

Separation of Powers indicates limited level of accountability.
Could end up making both Executive and Legislature branch blame each other.
Advantages of Parliamentary systems:

Faster and easier to pass legislation
Attractive features for nations that are ethnically,racially, or ideologically divided.
Power is evenly spread out in the power structure.
Prime Minister has higher focus on voting for a party and its political ideas.
Less prone to authorization collapse.
Disadvantages of Parliamentary systems:

In most cases the head of the Government is not directly elected.
Can place too much power in the Executive entity.
System may be bicameral.
Can sometimes be unstable.
cont on disadvantages of Parliamentary system:
No independent body to oppose and veto legislation passed by the parliament.
Lack of inherent Separation of Powers.
Proportional representation:
an electoral system in which parties gain seats in proportion of the number of votes cast for them.

an alliance for combined action,especially a temporary alliance of political parties forming a Government of states.

multiparty in comparing the frameworks:
the goal of this field is to create methods that enable parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs.
Which system do I prefer?

I prefer the United States systems of government,because the people who live in a place were it is Presidential, have more say so in who they elect and what goes on.
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