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CMIN 301 (Sp '17) T23 - Sharpening the Take-Home Truth (CIS)

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Hartmut Scherer

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of CMIN 301 (Sp '17) T23 - Sharpening the Take-Home Truth (CIS)

Sharpen the CIS
Exodus 13:17-22
CIS (initially):
God leads us on a path of his
choosing in order to get us safely to
our promised destination.
CIS (refined):
The shortest distance between two
points is a zigzag.
Refining the CIS
Making the CIS as memorable and
concise as possible
Move the central idea from its passage form
to its truth form to its sermon form
*All examples adopted from Donald Sunkjian,
Invitation to Preaching
, ch. 7
2 Corinthians 12:7-10
The reason Paul ceased his earnest prayer for the thorn’s removal, and began instead to value it, was because he learned the thorn was keeping him from exalting himself and was making him strong for God.
- read 2 Cor. 12:7-10
passage form:
The thing you most pray God would remove from your life is perhaps the thing you most want to keep.
sermon form:
Instead of persistently asking God to remove our limitations, we should instead value them as things that are keeping us humble and making us effective for God.
truth form:
Psalm 90
Numbering our days will lead us to the wisdom of repentance and holiness, so that we may enjoy God and experience his power.
- read Psalm 90
CIS #1 (initial)
If I can number my days, I will turn from the sin that brings trouble and sorrow, and toward the obedience that brings blessing.
CIS #2 (initial)
To plan on death is to enrich life.
CIS #1 (refined)
You make your life better by planning on your death.
CIS #2 (refined)
Your life becomes richer when your death becomes realer.
CIS #3 (refined)
When your death becomes real, your life becomes rich.
CIS #4 (refined)
The more real you can make your death, the more rich you will make your life.
CIS #5 (refined)
The more real your death is, the more rich your life will become.
CIS #6 (refined)
If you will plan on your death, you will enrich your life.
CIS #7 (refined)
Count your days, to make your days count.
CIS #8 (best)
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