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Julia fitch, Mrs.Cardew

No description

Hull Elementary

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Julia fitch, Mrs.Cardew

Julia Fitch, Mrs.Cardew
For my science experiment the question was, Will the design affect the distance of the plane? Our title was ''Crash Distance Zone''
In Writing this year we have been working on different types of writing, like invitations, business letters and propaganda.
I am in orchestra and i have learned so much. I am working on the Jaws song and i am really enjoying it.
For the rest of the year...
In Math, we just worked on different types of graphs. math is one of my favorite subjects because I am really good at it.
This is my first prezi, and i am happy to share this with you! i really love 5th grade and i cant Waite till 6th!!!
I do not rally like reading books, but in the book the mountain meets the moon i am really liking it because its a cliff hanger
Social Studies
We are learning about the Boston Tea Party. another thing in
Social Studies is the American Revolution War.
make new friends
get higher in Math
and love to read
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