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Analysing DVD Covers

No description

John Duggan

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Analysing DVD Covers

Analysing DVD Covers
GCSE Media
Assignment 1

Packaging of DVDs
Analyse the DVD covers for two films or television programmes. How does each cover engage the interest of its audience?
Design a DVD cover for a film or television programme. This must be targeted at a specific audience.
Assessment Criteria
Analysing DVD covers
Analysing DVD Covers
Analysing DVD Covers
What is the name of the film you are analysing?
Does the choice of words for the name tell you anything about the film?
What does the typography suggest about the film?
What are the connotations of the colours used?

Camera Shots
What type of shots are used?
How are the characters represented from the type of shot?

Enigma Codes
Does the cover pose any questions for the audience?
Are events or narrative hinted at on the cover?

Action Codes
Are the characters in action?
Is the genre identified from the characters poses?

Actors/Box Office Draw
Whose name comes first?
Do they have any ‘star power’?
Do they attract a particular audience?

What else have they directed?
Have they got a reputation in this genre?

What rating is the film?
What does this potentially tell us about the films content?

Are there any links to the Uses and Gratifications Theory (Entertain, Identify, Information and Social Relationships)?

Setting/Colour/Lighting/Props/Body Language & Facial Expression/Costume and Make-up/Décor

Camera Shots
Enigma Codes
Action Codes
Actors/Box Office Draw

Don't forget to use the assessment criteria and remember the focus is on the effect the DVD cover has on its audience.
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