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Finau_PreziProject (example)

No description

Joseph Finau

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of Finau_PreziProject (example)

Motivated by Work work work is the transfer of energy from one object to another To find the amount of work done on an object, we use the following equation To approximate the amount of work exerted on the woman by the motivator, we must make some estimations first: Mass of the woman -> 285 lbs = 129 kg
Velocity of woman -> 5 mph = 2.2 m/s after motivator motivates her Situation:
Work is exerted on a woman by a motivated object and we need to find the amount of force applied to her Using the Work-Kinetic Energy principle, we can calculate the amount of force acting on the woman Assuming that she is stopped before motivated, her initial velocity is 0 If we wanted to figure out how much force was applied to the woman, we would need to estimate the distance the motivator is in contact with the woman:
Distance -> .5 m Motivator is in contact with woman The Motivator doesn't seem to move her all that far while it's in contact with her. She seems to move the rest afterwards Thus, given the work calculated, we can calculate the amount of Force acting on the woman Don't forget that the angle between the displacement and the force vectors is 0 We arrive at our final answer of about 624.4 N of force acting on the woman by the motivator In order for work to be done, a force must be applied to an object and move it a certain distance This amount of work can also be calculated by finding the change in the kinetic energy of an object after work is done on it. So try to pay close attention to about: How fast she's moving
Her approximate mass To calculate the Kinetic Energy of an object, we use the following equation
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