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Teen Saftey on the Road!

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Karina Acevedo

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Teen Saftey on the Road!

Teen safety On The Road! Cell Phone use while driving Driving while Intoxicated! Teen Driving FACTS Driving Under the Influence! ~Talking while driving means plodding along Every 22 minutes someone dies in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident.

One out of 10 children ages 12 and 13 uses alcohol at least once a month.

In a single year, 522 children under age 14 were arrested for driving while intoxicated. (113 of them were under 10 years.)

70%of all teenagers drink alcohol.
60% of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol-related. 1) Teen drivers ages 16 -19 are 3 times as likely than drivers ages 20+ to be in a fatal crash. Pot is the most common illegal drug found in drivers who die in car accidents according to "Marijuana: Facts for Teens" The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association conducted a survey of 240 million U.S. subscribers, and out of those 73% use their cell phone while driving. The study also showed that cell phone users follow at greater distances are slower to hit the brakes and slower to regain speed after braking. 2) In 2010, 7 teenagers aged 16-19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries. 3) The presence of teen passengers increases the crash risk of unsupervised teen drivers. According to recent studies, nearly 1 in 5 (19%) of teens say they have gotten behind the wheel after smoking marijuana. 4) The deadliest months of the year for teenage motor vehicle fatalities are the summer months of June, July, and August, followed by October. An overwhelming 75% of teens admit to texting while driving. Another new study of 50,000 drivers found motorists who smoked marijuana within 3 hours of getting behind the wheel were twice as likely to have a car accident, compared to sober motorists. A separate study in October found that 30% of fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs other than alcohol, with marijuana topping the list. ~ ~ ~ ~ 5) Teens have the lowest seat belt use of all drivers. 6) Almost 65% of all teen passenger deaths occurred when another teen was driving.
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