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Copy of Copy of Hospius Group presentation


Heba El Sakka

on 8 January 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Hospius Group presentation

Vision Mission Slogan: Why Hospius We believe professional and sustainable healthcare is a basic human right for everyone and that likewise, healthcare professionals have the basic right to practice their skills in a professional environment. Hospius Group strives to achieve basic and advanced healthcare through and for healthcare professionals in the most effective and efficient way. We offer effective, integral and sustainable healthcare solutions which successfully contribute to a healthy community. Realizing Integral Healthcare Solutions & Connecting Health to Care Hospius Group Launching Slogan
Realizing Integral Healthcare Solutions
& Connecting Health to Care Hospius Launching
Alexandria, Egypt Hospius Plan 2013 Hospius Timeline Hospius Message Hospius Group Name is related to an innovative system
of co-created hospital environments; So

“Hospitals through us, for us and by us”… Who we were Who we are past Now Who we were Hospius initiatives and memberships:

- Hospius Community
- Hospius Society for Healthcare Professions
- MENA WorkForce
- Hospius Memberships Hospius Message Hospius Message Integral perspective offering full service and integrated solutions to develop and implement healthcare projects through making our integral and sustainable approach touchable which requires understanding, motivation and professionalism to our clients needs.

“Working with Hospius team should to be an experience” Hospius plan 2013 creating related business opportunities Who we are vision
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