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What are the 5 Themes of Geography of Argentina?

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Desiree Richards

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of What are the 5 Themes of Geography of Argentina?

BY: Desiree Richards Location: Place: Place Human Environment Interaction Relative: Argentina is surrounded by Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru. Natural resources: fertile plains of the pampas, lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, manganese, petroleum, uranium Movement: What are the
5 Themes of Geography
of Argentina? Absolute: Buenos Aires is the Capitol of Argentina. Buenos Aires: Latitude: 34 degrees 36' south.
Longitude: 58 degrees 27' south. Physical Features:
Borders the South Atlantic Ocean with chile. Rich plains in the pampas. Argentina is south of the Equator, the seasons reverse. Summer in Buenos Aires (months of January and February) are hot and humid, while winter is damp and chilly. Rain falls throughout the year, from 100 cm per year in Buenos Aires to less than 50 cm Place continued....... Population: 41,769,730
Growth Rate: 1.036%
Birth Rate: 17.75 births
Death Rate: 7.39 deaths
Life Expectancy: 76.76 years
Fertility Rate: 2.33 children born/woman
Infant Mortality: 11.11 deaths/1,000 live births Official language:
Spanish Most populated city:
Buenos Aires Environmental Issues: poor water and air quality, deforestation, soil degradation Irrigated land: about 15,000 sq. km Land use: arable land: 10%, permanent crops: .36%, other: 89% The main exports of Argentina are food, meat and manufacturing products. The main export partners of Argentina are Brazil, Chile, the United States, China and Spain. The main imports of Argentina are food, fuel, energy and capital goods. The main import partners of Argentina are Brazil, US, Germany, Italy and Spain.
push/pull factors

» Not enough jobs
» Few opportunities
» Famine/drought
» Poor medical care
» Loss of wealth
» Natural Disasters Pull:
» Job opportunities
» Better living conditions
» Political and/or religious freedom
» Education
» Better medical care
» Security Regions: Argentina is in South America. The countries in South America speak the same languages like spanish. They have similar cultures.
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