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angelina and tatiana's presentation

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lib hist

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of angelina and tatiana's presentation

- youngest Medal of Honor recipient
Ernest Edwin Evans
- all four went beyond the call of duty
- Ernest Edwin Evans is the only one out of the four to actually die in combat
Robert D. Maxwell
angelina and tatiana's presentation
William Kyle Carpenter
- enrolled in the United States Marine Corp
- automatic rifleman with Company F. 2nd battalion,9th Marines, regimental combat team 1, 1st Marine Division, I Marine expeditionary force in Helman province, Afghanistan
- him and a fellow Marine were manning a rooftop position at a security base when he blocked his friend from a daylight attacker
- sacrificed and ignored his health for his comrade in battle
- oldest Medal of Honor recipient
- enrolled in the United States Army
- he was in a squad with three other soldiers, and defended the battalion observation post with only .45 caliber pistols from an onslaught of enemy infantrymen
- he used a blanket and his unguarded body to absorb the force of the grenade explosion
- sacrificed his safety to save his comrades
- officer in the United States Navy
- commanding officer of the U.S.S. Johnston in action against Japanese fleets during the war off Samar
- used limited and outnumbered weaponry to open fire at massive Japanese fleets, all the while providing fire support in an extremely dangerous position and calling out steering orders
- fought for three hours before ending war in flames
- died in combat
-sacrificed limited resources for his dedication to America
Robert Evan Brown Junior
- captain in the United States Army
- commanded Company C, 18th infantry regiment at the attack of Crucifix Hill in Aachen, Germany
-saved fellow comrades by neutralizing pillboxes and hustling towards offending weapons with pole charge
- ignored wounded state to order troops and scope out enemy territory beyond hill to hear of further plans
- sacrificed his health and comfort to save comrades and obtain information for advancement
- all four sacrificed their health and safety in some way, be it for a comrade or for the advancement of America
- Robert Evan Brown Junior and Robert D. Maxwell were both enlisted in the Army
- Ernest Edwin Evans and Robert D. Maxwell both made use of limited weapons to the best of their ability
- all four had to use or block explosives in some form
- all four showed the characteristics of a hero; courage, patriotism, honor, sacrifice, and valor
- Robert D. Maxwell and William Kyle Carpenter were regular soldiers, while Ernest Edwin Evans and Robert Evan Brown Junior held leadership positions
- Robert Evan Brown Junior was the only soldier out of the four to make advances in combat, and to not be targeted first
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