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History Project 1960-1969

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sophia perea

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of History Project 1960-1969

History Project 1960-1969
John F. Kennedy
JFK established Peace Corps. He was active in civil rights, which some included desegregation of the military and post office. He also proposed the medicare program.
The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book came out in 1967. It is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions. Mowgli is little orphan boy, and is found in a basket in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, India. Bagheera, a black panther finds the baby and takes him to Indian Wolf who has just had cubs. She raises him with her own cubs and Mowgli starts to understand jungle life.
First Computer Game
Spacewar was the first computer game invented in 1962. It was a 2 player game with each player taking control of a starship and trying to destroy the other. Steve "Slug" Russell, Martin "Shag" Graetz, and Wayne Wiitanen invented this game.
Andy Warhol
He recieved his bachelor of fine arts and moved to New York City to become a commercial artist. He started work for Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. He moved to New York and started painting portraits of celebrities. His work was reminded of the types of artists from the Renaissance and Baroque time.
Emperor Hirohito
He handled the diplomatic relations and internal commerce of Japan. He stepped in after the U.S. atom bombs were dropped, and he forced his ministers to accept surrender.
Nixon vs. Kennedy
In 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon held the first televised presidential debates in American history. The Kennedy-Nixon debates not only had a impact on the election’s outcome, it also started a new idea of publicly airing presidential debates and discussions that we still see today.
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was an agreement signed in 1968 by some of the major nuclear and non-nuclear powers that swore their helping in stemming the spread of nuclear technology. The NPT signed by 189 countries, is one of the most supported treaties in history. Only Israel, India and Pakistan have not signed it
Birth Control
In 1960 the first female birth control contraceptive "the pill" was released in the U.S. after FDA. Gregory Pincus and John Rock with help from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America made the first birth control pills in the 1950s, such as mestranol/norethynodrel, which became avalible to the public in 1960.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
He was an American world leader. Eisenhower led the massive invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe that began on D-Day (June 6, 1944). In his farewell address in January 1961, Eisenhower talked about the dangers inherent in what he called the "military-industrial complex."
Elvis Presley
He returned to his normal life in the U.S. after 2 years away in the U.S. Army. He then started his musical again career by recording "It's Now or Never" and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" in March 1960.
Nuclear nonproliferation Treaty
JFK Assassination
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. He was shot traveling with his wife.
China and nuclear bomb
On October 16, 1964 China conducted the nuclear bomb test for the first time.
First Heart Transplant
In 1967 the first heart transplant was performed at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.
The Bee Gees
They were a pop music group that became discovered in 1958. They were all brothers and released their debut album The Bee Gees 1st in July 1967.
Richard Nixion
In 1960 he launched his first campagin for president in the United State. He choose to run again Massachucets senator Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

Roy Liechtenstein
He was an American pop artist. He became a new leading figure in the new art movement. He favorited the comic srip as is main inpiration
In 1963 the sketchpad was invented and it was the first touch interactive computer graphics program. The main idea was to have master drawings which one can instantiate into many duplicates.
A woman secretary from phoenix steals $40,000 and goes to a motetay where a crazy man imporsinating his dead mom lives.
On 21 November 1963, President Kennedy, with the First Lady, travelled to Texas, where he was scheduled to make a number of appearances in a bid to drum up support for the Democratic Party prior to the 1964 general election. He was unexpectalty shot by a sniper in the car.
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