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Network School

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of VOLCANOES Thitsar

How does geologist measure Volcano eruptions?
There are eight major plates on the surface of the Earth. There are also bunches of minor plates. The plates are like the skin of the planet. They move around the planet.
Space Volcanoes
Earth isn't the only planet with volcanoes. Scientist believe that Venus still have active volcanoes. There is a theory that Jupiter's ring is made out of dust from lo's volcanoes.In Mars there is a volcano called Olympus Mons which is the largest in the solar system
There are 3main volcanoes; active ,dormant and extinct volcanoes
The word volcano originate from the Roman god of Fire,Vulcan
It is believed that the nick name of Volcanoes is called the doorways to hell
Over the world there are more than 1,500 active volcanoes
When volcanoes erupt they can even affect the colors of the sunset
The reason that this happens is because of the ash particles that get scattered throughout the atmosphere
is the youngest volcano on Hawaii. Its area is 552 square meter
Mount Saint Helen
is at Skamania County in Washsinton and it is the most Stratovolcano of the world
Mount Versuvius
is the volcano,that destroyed Pompeii
Mount Rainier
was named by Goerge Vancourver for admiring Peter Rainier
Underwater Volcanoes
Volcanoes located underwater are also known as submarine volcanoes. There are at least 1,500 active volcanoes on the surface of the earth, but it is estimated that there may be more than 10,000 volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean only. It has more submarine volcanoes in the ring of fire than in the normal ocean area. It can cause Tsunamis and earthquakes.

Tectonic Plates
Ring of fire

Ring of fire is not a circular ring. It shaped more like 40000 kilometer horseshoe. 452volcanoes streches from southern tip of America to the coast of North America across the Bering Strait down through Japan and into New Zealand.
Geologists measure volcano eruptions using the Volcano Explosively Index, which measures the amount of material released.
Famous Volcanoes
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