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My name is Parvana

No description

molly wilkins

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of My name is Parvana

My name is Parvana is a realistic fiction book by Deborah Ellis, the book is set in modern day Afghanistan where the Taliban are a concern but not a threat.

The story alternates between her mother opening up a public school for girls and her being held in an American prison.The author did this because it was Parvana's way to remember what happened throughout the past four year's of her life.
Parvana the main character develops in so many ways throughout the book, one of the ways she develops is not only emotionally but also physically. In the past books in the trilogy Paravana was a child, in this book she has become a women. She has deloped emotionally she is more determined to keep the school going and also determined to keep quiet when around the military. In the book she is forced into some horrible situations, getting chased by Afghan men for being out without a male present,having to stand by while a women is trapped under a car.

The book starts off with Parvana in an American military base with Soldiers interrogating her. They believe that Parvana is a terrorist, and she has bombed her mothers school. The rising action in the first plot is when the soliders start getting a litle more physical with her and dragging her to the showers. The climax of the book is when the airplanes above start sending down bombs attempting to destroy the prison. They think Parvana has had something to do with the bombing. The resolution is when they are about to move her to a real prison, and Mrs.Weera a family friend of Paravan's who has become a member of parliament saves Parvana before shes moved.

There are two types of conflicts facing the protagonist. The most obvious conflict would be person versus society in more than one way because its Parvana against the Taliban. She believes in everything that the Taliban are against. Parvana believes that girls have the right to go to school, that they have the right to dress and act how they please.

The other conflict is person versus self because when Parvana is being held in the American prison she has to find something within herself to stop her from talking about what had happened at the bombing incident . She is very conflicted about what the right thing to do is.
The setting takes place in the last ten years in Mazar-e-Sharif Afghanistan, it dosent exactly have a set time period. As the story is set in modern time the Taliban also play a role in the story.

1st Setting
The first setting takes place in her mothers school: Leila's Academy of Hope.It takes place in Mazar-e-Sharif in the summer.

2nd Setting
The second setting takes place in an American military base/prison. It also takes place in Mazar-e-Sharif.
1st Plot
2nd Plot

The second story is based in Parvana's mother's school the Leila Academy of Hope. Her mother opens up a school for girls in Mazar-e-Sharif. This is a huge act of defiance against the Taliban, they believe that girls shouldn't be given the chance to go to school. The rising action in the book is when the men in the village put up a sign saying that the people that run the school are evil for allowing girls to attend, and that if you let your daughter go to school there then you are evil as well.The climax in the plot is when the Taliban bomb Parvana's mother's school. The resolution in the book is when Shauzia, one of Parvana's friend from Kabul. She rescues them as the bombing is happening and takes them to Mrs.Weera.
The theme of My name is Parvana is hope, its about her finding hope and the strength to carry on after the tragedy that she has experienced. In the past books in the trilogy Parvana has witnessed her father, brother, and best friend passing away. Its her still having hope despite having horrible things happen to her.
My name is Parvana
By Deborah Ellis

By Molly Wilkins
Official 2013/2014 red maple nominee
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