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Rock cycle

No description

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of Rock cycle

The rock cycle is a cycle which rocks change shapes, kinds and and also density.
Sedimentary Rocks
Are the deposition rock within bodies of water. EX: SAND STONE
Metamorphic rock

Is where rocks heat up and are combined.
Igneous rock
Is cooled magma (lava).

Is lava before it comes out of the ground deep below the earth's crust.
A rock is magma, sand or other particles that have hardened.EX: sandstone
Rock cycle

By: Quade Oliver

Is magma when it comes from the volcano.

Is where water, wind and ice destroys rock over time.Ex: grand canyon

Is when sediment sand is in a area carried by water or wind.Ex: sand dunes
Is the feel of a rock or any object.

Is the breaking down of rock. Ex: lake Powell

Intrusive Igneous rock
Is crystallizing magma that takes awhile to dry.
Extrusive Igneous rock

When magma cools fast. ex obsidian
Is a layer of sedimentary rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguish it. Ex: sand stone
Is the forming of rock.

Repetitive layering in metamorphic rocks.

Non foliate
Metamorphic rocks are formed around igneous intrusions where the temperatures are high but the pressures are relatively low

Is the breaking down of rocks, soil and minerals by
wind and water.

The way in which a whole or mixture is made up.Ex: paint

Ex: obsidian
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