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jacob Lee

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Reality

The timeline is not only the important part but also the actions that they have the background actors are doing from labor emotions and side actions that they are doing. The emotional side that they were all doing was very touching because it almost felt like you knew them.
Mental Feeling
The mental side of the film that it showed was showing some of the cruel thing that they did and how they treated the jews during the holocaust. It made me realize that a lot of the things we do we take for granted and that includes freedom of speech and actions.
Effective Moment
In my opinion there are only a few truly effective moments that. The first one is seeing a kid walk from the main house and then he got shot for no reason. It made me realize that the jews truly meant nothing to the nazis and not even as a servant since they could just be replaced
Emotional Feeling
The emotion that you get during this film is almost touching enough to bring a tear from how badly they were treated. The most touching part of the movie to me was when it showed Schindler's grave and all of the jews that he saved from his factory.
The production team has to make this film feel realistic otherwise it is hard to get into the movie. The film has to look like it would have back in WWII because if it did not look like that it wouldn't have a realistic feel to it. The war helps try and show what part of the war they are in.
Schindler's List. Dir. Steven Spielberg. Prod. Steven Spielberg. By Steven Zaillian. Perf. Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, and Ralph Fiennes. Universal Pictures, 1993. DVD.
Schindler's List
Jacob Lee
Effective Moment
The second part that made me realize how thankful the jews were is when it showed Schindler's grave and all of the jews laying rocks on it. It showed that they were all thankful that he took them in and that he saved their life's from what could have happened to them.
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