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Sound in Music Videos

No description

Luca Fasulo

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of Sound in Music Videos

Foley is the recreation of everyday sounds. These sound effects can be included into a film, video and other media. It also can be the imitation of any type of sound such as galloping horses to the sound of punching someone.
A behind the scenes look at a foley artist
Foley artists
A Foley artist creates specific audio effects for media. However, they do not create audio for standard special effects: for example explosions. Instead create fine detailed sound effects such as the clopping sound of someones shoes. This can still be used on music videos when the music videos include small cut scenes etc.
Foley sound
Diegetic sound
Diegetic sound is any sound that has originated from the film world. It can either be on screen or off screen depending on its source in the frame. As it is in the frame, the characters are able to hear it and and react to it.
Non-diegetic sound
Non diegetic sound is the complete opposite from diegetic sound. This sound is not visible in the frame and does not present in the action so it does not affect the characters or environment. This type of sound is purely intended for the audience to enhance their emotions to the film and it also contributes to the tone of the film.
Foley sound/Artists
Diegetic/Non Diegetic sounds
Sound in Music Videos
Example: Dialogue between the characters.
Example: Sounds effects/mood music
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