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Character Traits

No description

Lynette Hoover

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Character Traits

Difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify.
By: Tanesha & Lynette
Character Traits
Annabelle started to see a figure in her hallway and she didn't know what it is.
To envy someones success or advantages.
Cassie got jealous when Jessica married her crush.
To be conceited or to think your more superior then others.
Jake was feeling above everyone because he has straight A's and was treating people with little respect.
Having or showing creativity/inventiveness

To experience new things
James felt confident about his answer on the state test.
To be shown as an dependable trustful, honest person
Cece thought the group of people were trustworthy enough do the trust fall.
Very active, tireless
Gabby could not stay still and she kept jumping on the bed.
James pushed the little girl in a harsh way and she fell an started bleeding.
Wealthy or rich, lucky
Annabel brought a yacht for her summer vacation.
i.e:Hannah tells lots of gossip to nobody but her friends.
Kiki was being secretive telling her best friend all her secrets.
To conceal feelings, not to disclose information
To be an expert in something.
Mariah was a master at pottery and cooking she was very skillful.
Tending to keep a firm hold of something
Mark had a firm grip on the rope as the dog tried to take it away.
To cherish someone deeply
Sarah kept kissing her nephew's cheek because she adored his soft cheeks
Being able to think clearly
Jason meditated an breathed in an out slowly to help him think clearly
Showing firm and constant support to someone or something
A brilliant or intelligent person
Having an powerful action
The models walked down the runway with a serious look in a fierce way.
Being sorry, regretful
He kept apologizing after he hit her car.
Having the ability to make decisions quickly
Not wanting to give
She was being demanding, because she yelled at us to do paper work in a rude way
Making others work hard
Being reliable
Jackson was dependable so everyone came to him when they missed a day of school so they can catch up.
aving knowledge
Albert thought about his answer before he said it.

Donald was being stingy, because he would not give the class any of his chocolate coins even though he had more then he can eat alone.
She made a decision in a decisive way when it was a serious matter.
Laura went to China to explore the history behind it.
Ready to face danger with a fearless mind
A man was brave enough to jump off the plane first.
Feeling or showing a firm trust in oneself.
Cruel or unpleasantly rough, heartless
Isis stayed loyal to her favorite basket ball player an gave him support after he was injured.
James mind is bright because he knows the answer to every problem and he gets straight A's but still treats people with respect.
When creating his story he had an imaginative mind
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