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Untitled Prezi

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Oya Youssif

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Treatment Dyspepsia indigestion characterized by chronic or recurrent pain of the upper abdomen fullness and feeling full earlier than expected when eating
peppermint + anise + calamus rhizome --------> contain v.o 1-calamus (sweat flag ) 2-Anise A.c alkaloids , flavonoids , gums , mucilage , phends , suponin , sugars , tannins , triterpenes , V.O ( asarone ) .
-tonic powerof stimulating the appetite
- increase stomach secretion so used for anorexa , indigestion
- act an AB ( inhibt devolpment of H-pylori )
- gastrie sedative , control stress
AC V.O ( anethol 90% )
- carminative
- antispasmodic
-cathurtic to relieve flatulance
- diminish the griping of purgative .
Dosage form
used as infusion .
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