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Surat-Ul-Qalam:Verses(8-16)The Bad Character Of The Disbelie

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Sadia Farooq

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Surat-Ul-Qalam:Verses(8-16)The Bad Character Of The Disbelie

Major Sins Are Major Risks !
Sins in Islam are divided into Major and Minor sins.Major sins lead a person to hell if he does not repent before dying. for every sin that Allah has given a punishment is a Major sin or it is also called
. Its plural is
. Minor sins can be easily forgiven by Istighfar, wudoo, prayer and good deeds.
Compromising Faith Is Unacceptable To Allah
The people of Quraysh were trying their best to make Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) to compromise his beliefs. They offered him to worship in their idols and in return they would worship Allah, But Allah didn't allow him to do so.the Ayaah in this surah tell us that Muslims should hold strong to their Faith and not leave it all. Allah only accepts Islam as his true and final religion. No other religion will be accepted from him.
Backbiting And Gossip Divide The Muslim Society
Struggling Evil Enemies Is Necessary
Surat-Ul-Qalam:Verses(8-16)The Bad Character Of The Disbeliever
Reasons For Revelation
This surah is called Nun as well as Al Qalam.It was revealed in Makkah but the period of revalation is not exactly known.It is just said that it was one of the earliest Surah's to be revealed in Makkah.This surah was about the Quraysh at the time of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S).But it is also said that mainly these Ayaats were for Al-Waleed ibn-ul-Mugheerah the father of Khalid ibn-ul-Waleed.he was an evil enemy of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) and the Muslims.He was one who claimed that Quran was not sent from Allah and was nothing but fake stories of ancient Nations.
Not all non-Muslims are enemies of Islam. While some non-muslims hurt Muslims and were enemies of Islam, most non-Muslims were friendly and friends with the Muslims. Some even chose Islam as their religion later after receiving right education about Islam and got to know true practicing Muslims.
Back biting is also called
and Gossip is called
, Both of them include spreading bad news about others and with these the people fight and it leads to disunity.They cause people to hate and disrespect eachother. Allah has forbiden this talk and made it 'Haraam' and a major sin.'Hamaz' means the one who backbites and 'masha'in banameem' is the one who gossips.many muslims do it even after knowing its forbidden. Allah has also called gheebah as another act of eating one 's dead brother's flesh.
Think And Answer !
What is the difference in Disbelievers and Muslims nowadays?
Many of our prophets struggled against arrogant leaders of the disbeliever.All of them faced evil enemies who would go to any extend to hurt them. History of Islam tells us that the enemies were cruel, evil, liars, deceitful, immoral and hostile. these ayaat are about some of the bad characters of these evil people.
The worst among the major sins are worshiping other than god, Murder, rudeness to parents, drinking wine and intoxicants, lying, adultery, dealing with riba, and stealing the money of orphans.
The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) and the early muslims were a great example of true muslims because they held on to their faith and not compromising it even after being tortured and brutally beaten.Even adding new beleifs and changing the in Islam is not allowed. we should believe and practice the complete Islam that was brought to us by our Prophet and not make any changes to it.
Aisha (R.A) Reported, The prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) Said: "He Who Innovates Something In This Matter (of our religion) that is not of it will have it rejected".
Reported In Muslim and Al Bukhari.
Once prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) asked his companions :"What is gheebah?". They replied:"Allah and his Messenger knows best". He then replied:"To mention your brother in a way that is hurtful and disliked by him". Then he was asked:"What if the information about him is true?". He replied:"If it is true you have made gheebah, and if it is not you have committed buht (slander, which is saying false things about him, and that is even worse)."
Reported in Muslim.
This Means it is a major sin and the person who is involved in nameemah, or Gheebah will not go to paradise.Instead he will be put in hell for the period of time for that evil deed.
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