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How to do the Science

No description

Valerie Henderson

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of How to do the Science

A question of science must be testable
What makes something testable?
This is Science...
To best understand what something means, we need to also understand what it doesn't mean
Science is about asking quesitons
There are 3 basic types of questions
What types of questions are these?
1. Will there be a full moon tonight?
2. Why is it important that the desert plants get rain in the spring?
3. Why is the desert hot?
4. What is the significance of red sky at nightfall?
5. Why does lightning come before thunder?
6. How can the time delay between lightning and thunder be used to tell how far away a storm is?
7. Can stars be red?
8. If salt is added to water, will the water boil at a different temperature?
How to do the Science
What did you learn?
Experimental Questions:
If salt is added to water, would the solution still boil at the same temperature?
Watch video clip:
To understand what science is and what
it is not.
Please answer the questions What science is Not and What science is on your paper as you watch the video.
is there a beginning?
Is there an end?
Science is forever
1. Verification Questions
2. Significant/Theory Questions
3. Experimental Questions
basic data collecting questions.
require an explanation/prior knowledge
If Suntan lotion is put on ultraviolet detecting beads, will the beads still change color?
require a more in depth answer
answer is found using testing.
what researchers use.
Which did you learn?
This diagram probably looks familiar...or at least the steps and their order are familiar...
Based on the video clip we just watched...
working with your partner...
What are some errors in this diagram that do not accurately reflect how science is done?
Please find a minimum of 2 errors.
What is science? - Draw it!
Please draw a person doing science in the square next to Dexter
What did you draw?
Please share with your partner.
Please draw a representation of what science is to you now.
*Remember to study the relationship between 2 variables, what must we do any other variables?
All other varibles must be kept constant!
Now, you're ready to do the science...
Create a testable question!
Pre-video clip:
What does science mean to you?
the cave was near Grants Pass
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