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Generation Z

No description

zeng fan

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Generation Z

Generation Z
In what markets to Generation Z represent an important opportunity for marketers?
How will marketing to Gen Z be different to marketing to previous generations?
Internet marketing
"Digital Natives"
It seems the marketing strategy for generation Z can be summarized as:
Text + Mobile Video + Sharing
Generation Z lacks brand loyalty
Generation of globalization
Social circles are global
Four trends that are likely to characterise Generation Z
1.A focus on Innovation
2.An insistance on convenience
3.An underlying desire for security, and
4.A tendency toward Escapism
For previous generations, marketers prefer to use traditional marketing
Generation Z can influence their families
Generation Z prefer shopping online rather than offline
Generation Y has the memory of the life that was before the advent of the digital world
Earn the trust
economy, politics, culture, movies, music, fashion, food are global as never before
What will be the key challenges in marketing to Gen Z?
Increasing need and expectation
Fierce competition taken by substitutes
Demand of visual marketing
The Gen Zs expect to be attracted by the visual pictures, images, and even the real products
The visual marketing has to be much more attractive and innovative than the one made by other competitors
The visual marketing has to play the role of attracting the Gen Zs and inspiring their interest within a few seconds
Global view of marketing
The global view is beneficial for following ideas of the Gen Zs well
The global sense should be integrated well with the social values
Starting with a different perspective, the marketing should also be developed globally
The marketing strategy should be expanded as much as possible

The need and expectation of Gen Z consumers have been improved much to a higher level
Gen Zs have confronted with the rapid upgrade and update of the product and service (Webber 2013)
The functions of the product and service are expected to be perfected actively

Gen Z is able to accept the product information that is taken by the network effective and efficiently
The substitutes provide the Gen Zs with more choices
In the marketing to Gen Z, all the participants intend to attract the Gen Zs and transfer them to the target consumer group
Ran Cheng 42669952
Albin Fajardo 43833519
Zeng Fan 43140505
Zhiyuan Chen 43040985
Key features of Generation Z
1.Social media is the future

2.Human relations is more important than ever before

3.The skill gap

4.Global thinking

Consumption behavior
Fast response to new things
Tear the old consumption pattern
Online shopping
Admire moral image of the brand

Definition of Generation Z
With the popularity of the network and growth of information technology, Gen Zs have become more and more important for businesses. Organizations began to attach importance to Gen Zs as taget customers and try to meet their needs and expects. In the long run, Gen Zs will become an important consumer group in the future. There is also a lot of challenge for businesses to adapt to the demand of the market.
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