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Segregation facts

No description

Matt Alsip

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Segregation facts

SEGREGATION 1.Supreme court passed law of segregation in 1896 JULIA and Matt 2. Separate telephone booths 3. Separate drinking fountains 4. Separate restaurants 5. Some states want different entrances for whites and balcks 6 crime to argue against a white person 7. Different schools 8. Separate waiting rooms for train stations and hospitals 9. No interracial marriage 10. Prostitutes could only be with same race 11. Prostitutes must stand on opposite sides of the street or corner 12. Blacks could not live in the same neighborhood as whites 13. Many blacks were tormented by whites on the street 14.Billboards supporting the KKK were put up 15. Many attempts to stand up against segregation were stomped down 16. Many blacks were forced into segregation due to racial ordinance 17.Some whites thought that blacks were terrorists 18. Blacks were not hired for jobs due to their color 19. Blacks were paid a lot less than whites for the same job 20. Black protesters were sprayed with hoses or beaten 21. Separate theaters 22. Many blacks' homes were broken into 23. Teachers treated the black students badly 24. "Separate but equal" 25. Blacks had to sit in the back of the bus
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