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The influence of Music in the 1920s

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Katya Sheth

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of The influence of Music in the 1920s

The Influence of Music in the 1920s
The 1920’s witnessed an increase in many different aspects of life, such as the creation of the radio, which caused an increase in music fascination.
Music started to be played on the radio which caught the attention of the public.
People became more interested in listening to things that were being broadcasted.
Many musicians from around America flocked to speakeasies and dance clubs in order to play their music (Cayton).
The musicians started by playing renditions of songs that were already out before they ever ventured to play some of their own personal songs.
All of the new types of music soon became widespread due to the radio stations.
African American musicians started to migrate towards some of the more popular cities in order to gain recognition for their music.
A certain group of musicians came together and started to create their own type of music that became one of the most popular genres of music at the time.
That music came to be known as Jazz, and it was influential due to the fact that it had the ability to change society.
The jazz age was very influential
it captured many people’s attentions.
It became known as a major turning point in many different areas such as work ethics, dress code, and music.
There were many different types of music that were created
They all had a different lasting effect on society
Without hesitation, a listener can feel the presence of that time period through the music they might still hear in the modern day.
“To me the Jazz Age signifies an age of freedom in thought and action. The average young person of today is not bound by the strict conventions which governed the actions of previous generations,”
- (Unidentified Denver Coed)
The music had a Blues mood to it
This caused a lot of controversy between the music lovers and the music haters because of the unique beauty of the music that caused conflicts in emotions.
It was a very complex structure, but at the same time it was one of the simpler types of music.
Jazz was a masterpiece.
The creation of Jazz music influenced the entire nation in many different aspects.
People began to dress freely and they started getting new jobs.
Many more jobs were opening up to people, which caused an increase in product, which led to even more jobs being created.
It was a cycle that continued to grow with the years as they passed.
More enjoyable jobs were opening up and with the wider range in the job market.
Women were the most affected by the music
Women started to dress more provocatively and they cut their hair.
Women’s dresses became shorter and they also started to wear small hats over extremely short hair.
Many women became flappers and were seen as rebels to their conservative parents.
They wore silk stockings rolled just above the knee and they started to get their hair cut at male barbers shops.
Another thing that music influenced was movies
Movies had only recently become popular and that meant that everyone was still flocking to them as often as possible.
Silent movies were a big money maker and they had mood music to accompany every scene.
Actors and Actresses became the poster children of the 1920’s lifestyle.
With jazz music becoming wildly popular people turned to dancing for leisure.
People were open to many new ways of completing activities
They gained freedom with all of their movements, on and off of the dance floor.
People began to create new dances that were unique to the mood and texture of jazz music.
These were ways for people to express themselves freely and enjoy their free time.
Some of the more popular dances included the Charleston, the Black Bottom, the Cubanola Glide and the Tango Argentino.
For a while animal dances were the most popular of all dances, like the Fox Trot.
Overall, Jazz music had a major influence on the society of the 1920’s through all of the small things it did with; the radio, the cultural norm, and the economy, and it still has an everlasting effect on society in this modern time.
A lot of new people became musicians.
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