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college research presentation

university of Paris France

Naomi St.pierre

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of college research presentation

by Naomi St.pierre Student Life there is about students
743 are undergraduates representing over 100 nationalities
There is 16 majors offered:
Art history
computer science
International finance
just to name a few
There are 35 degrees offered:
Ancient greek
critical theory
fine arts
Medieval studies Extra curricular activities
student gov.
student journal
Culture program
art gallery
center for translators and writers
Percent of students who are undergraduates The university was established in 1962.The university is located in Paris.It has 8buildings centrally located near the Eiffel tower,the left bank and the Seine. Requirements You would need 2 letters of recommendation
Official school report of the last 3 years of school
You ACT and SAT scores are optional
You must have at least a 3.0GPA to get accepted the American University of Paris France Tuition Fall classes $27,308
spring classes $ 25,053
academic year$ 52,362 American University of Paris I chose this college because they have a many degrees and majors to choose from and also iv made it my personal goal. Estimated time to graduate is 4+
Depending on what you study 45% of undergraduate students relieve
Financial aid .
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