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Food Choices, Unit 5, Touchstone3

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Transcript of Food Choices, Unit 5, Touchstone3

Cooking time!!
Now let's learn some vocabulary,
check in your dictionaries the new words.
Now let's see some more explanation
Now let's see how much you know about cooking
What's your opinion about this dishes?? do you like them or not, why?
Now let's talk
First we need to look like a real chef
let's watch this video
Food choices, unit 5
Listen the following people, who has the healthiest food in the refrigerator?
Now let's replace some words and practice with a partner.
Now go to the forum, unit 5, lesson A and B, Include a picture of your refrigerator for lesson A
Time to use the forum!
Finally, Prepare a restaurant situation in which you use the information seen in this Unit.
a. a restaurant (use conversation strategies)
No, thanks, Maybe later
No, thank, I am fine, Really
I'm Ok for now. But thanks
b. an international food festival
c. a special recipe
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