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No description

dominick llamas

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Music

Dominick Llamas
Anna Aceves
Gabriel Rivas

It shouldnt be the excuse!
Studies have shown that music therapy can lower heart rate and blood pressure, so listening to music while going through a rough time can help you have less health problems.
How music can help?
What are some problems?
Dominick llamas
: Music can help motivate or cheer you up if you are sad.
: It can help make friends or help cheer up other people.
: It can also help if your going through a rough time.

:vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and EXPRESSION OF EMOTIONS.
by: Anna/ Gabe
Music helps when you are having trouble. It is a way to express how you feel. The music you listen to on a daily bases most of the time expresses who you are. ( that why we have music therapy)
Some may say music is bad for you. Well at least some music. Music now a days talk about drugs,sex,violence,gangs,........etc. Songs on the radio that are over played are what we call popular songs, but really they are only popular because they are over played. Sometimes they don't comprehend what the song is saying, most teen listen to these songs because every one listens to them and they want to fit in .
by Anna Aceves
I say listen to the music you want to listen to because it makes you who your are and what your personality is like. If you like this type of music that's cool too you have the right to listen to it and express your self.
by Gabe
Some people are so depressed that when they listen to their music they dont want to do anything they just want to lay down which is ok for a while. But just sitting there for along time is unhealthy because your body isnt doing anything and you start to gain weight. Music shouldnt be the excuse.
Instead of sitting down doing nothing and feeling pity for yourself you can listen to music while running. Running is a way to have time by yourself. when you are running you need to mainly be focused with your thought. If you are going to be listening to listen to music, listen to music that will make you happy and get you pumped. Not only will you stay fit and healthy you will also feel better and relieved.
hip hop
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