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Private Peaceful

ISU Book Talk Presentaion

DayDay NightNight

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Private Peaceful

Cause of the Conflict Ending of Conflict Recommendation: - Both Tommo and Charlie fall in love with the same woman, Molly (Brother v.s Brother Conflict).
- Unfortunately for Tommo, Molly becomes intimate with Charlie, making their brotherly relationship complicated. - After Charlie gets wounded during the war, he is sent to a hospital near home.
- Tommo becomes jealous since Charlie gets to go home and see Molly, his new wife. - Author leaves the conflict between Charlie and Tommo when they are lying in the pit where a grenade blew Tommo up.
- Their conflict over Molly is resolved. - I do recommend this novel.

- Character Development is relatively quick, therefore it allows the reader to understand and grasp on the character's qualities beliefs etc.
- Conflict Development is well constructed, easy to follow and is resolved in a beautiful way, teaching you a valuable life lesson as well.
- The Style is written in the first person (Tommo is narrator), therefore it creates a bond between the narrator and reader (Better experience).
Good variation in literary devices to ameliorate the writing style.
Private Peaceful By: Michael Morpurgo - All of the characters in the novel are experiencing the violence and horrors of the First World War (An external conflict with Germans).
- The two main characters (brothers) are in love with the same girl, and therefore are trapped in a dispute throughout the whole story. Introduction Tommo, age of 15, meets Molly, a girl he fell in love with on the first day of school. Tommo's older brother Charlie is also introduced as a caring and protective being. Rising Action The trio build a very close bond together, and so Tommo and Charlie both fall in love with the same woman, Molly. Charlie, being the older man, marries Molly right before he and his heartbroken brother go out to fight at war. During war, Tommo is blown up by a grenade, and is therefore buried alive under debris. Charlie then pulls his wounded brother out and stays by his side; comforting him while disobeying the sergeant's orders to save his brother's life. Climax Falling Action Charlie happily manages to return to the camp with his wounded brother. Unfortunately, for not following the sergeant's orders, he was punished severely. Conclusion Charlie was sent to court due to his false actions, and was given a consequence that shook Tommo to his core. Plot Synopsis Characters - Protagonists: Tommo Peaceful, Charlie Peaceful, Molly.
- Antagonists: Colonel, Grandma Wolf, Sergeant Hanley, the Germans.
- Others: Big Joe, Tommo/Charlie's mother, Jimmy Parsons, Little Tommo, Molly's parents. Quotation Characteristics "Big Joe doesn't have to go to school and I don't think that's fair at all. He's much older than me... Big Joe is always happy, always laughing. I wish I could be happy like him" (8). - Tommo is sad and sorrowful. "So I sat and sulked on the bank and watched them splashing and giggling, and all the while I was wishing I had the courage to do what Charlie had done, wishing I was with them" (44). - Tommo feels as if he is a coward compared to his courageous brother.
-Tommo is also, in a way, jealous of Charlie and Molly. "I feel a surge of triumph welling inside me, not because we have won, but because I have stood with the others. I have not run" (140). - As Tommo matures, he becomes more confident, positive and brave.
- He also becomes more proud of his actions. Major Character Analysis - "The look between them said it all, and I knew I had been betrayed....I was so filled with anger and resentment towards him that I never wanted to speak to him again" (72-73). This quote illustrates the conflict since it clearly shows Tommo's inner frustration (jealousy) towards Charlie and Molly's relationship. Due to Tommo's anger, he develops a sense hatred towards his caring brother, Charlie. Complications from Conflict "We'd stuck together through thick and thin, and now he was breaking the bond between us, and deserting me....and it was anger I was drowning...anger at Charlie for abandoning me, anger that he was to see Molly, and I was not" (146-147). This quote illustrates the complications of the conflict since it suddenly shows Charlie, a protective and caring brother, leaving Tommo stranded in the midst of war (Something he never imagined his brother of doing). Not only is Tommo jealous for the fact that Charlie is going back home to see Molly, but he is shocked that his role model/mentor would leave him at risk by himself. "'If the worst happens-....I want you to promise me you'll look after things for me. You still love love her, don't you? You still love Moll?' My silence was enough. He knew already. 'Good' he said" (174). This quote proves that the conflict is left since the two brothers resolve their dilemma over Molly. After Charlie states "if the worst happens", he gives Tommo the right to raise Little Tommo (Charlie's child) alongside Molly. This offer by Charlie showed us that he is a caring, loving, warm-hearted and understanding individual who truly respects his younger brother Tommo. In a way, he can be considered a hero due to his characteristics and actions.
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