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The Kwakiutl Tribe

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Abigail McGraw

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Kwakiutl Tribe

The Kwakiutl Tribe
Where did they live?
The Kwakiutl lived in present day British Columbia, Canada. They lived along the Vancouver Islands waterways. They moved their exact location with the different seasons so as to be more comfortable in their lives.
What was their shelter?
The Kwakiutl lived in cedar plank houses with bark roofs. The houses could be up to 100 feet long and house 50 people. The planks were removable and the framework, corner posts and roof beams were permanent. This was so because the Kwakiutl liked to change location with the season as to stay comfortable year round.
What did they eat?
The Kwakiutl ate nuts and berries from the forest and a variety of meat. They ate salmon, clams, oysters, whale, seal, herring, crab and mussels. they held pot latches they were feasts celebrated in honor of an important event. Salmon season was when there was enough salmon for everyone to have their own and have extra.
What did they wear?
The Kwakiutl wore cedar bark capes and cloaks that were worn tightly wrapped, tied or pinned around one. the men and boys wore breach cloth and the women and girls wore skirts. all of their clothes were rubbed in fish oil to make them more water resistant. They wore jewelry made out of fish bones and shells. The women frequently wore necklaces.
What were their beliefs?
The Kwakiutl's had very strong beliefs pertaining spirits. They believed that the sprirts were offended by human stench and so they took baths often. It was common knowledge that if you were bad than the godly bear would come out of the mountains and would eat you. If you were bad in some way you might have been sacrificed to the two headed serpent.
Men fished and hunted. They had to beware of bad weather when they were at sea. Women would make clothes, cook, and take care of the house. Women also took care of the children of the tribe. Both genders had a part in art and music, traditional medicine, and storytelling.
Bows and arrows were used to hunt animals and during wars. War clubs would also be used. Nets, harpoons, and fish traps would be used to catch fish. Spears were used to hunt whales.
Red cedar trees were used to build houses. They fished for seals, salmon, whales, sea otters, and various types of shellfish. Fences made of tree saplings would be used to fish. When they hunted, they hunted elk, arctic fox, occasionally a fox, or a rabbit. Whales would be used for their blubber as fire fuel.
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