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Breif history of contemproary dance

No description

Anna Smith

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Breif history of contemproary dance

America and Europe
Brief History of Contemporary Dance

Loie Fuller

Isadora Duncan

Denishawn – Ruth St
Denis and Ted Shawn

Motionhouse – Kevin Finnan

Russell Maliphant

Matthew Bourne

Henri Oguike

Mark Baldwin

Shobana Jeyasingh

Akram Khan

Anne Theresa de

Lea Anderson

Lloyd Newson

Christopher Bruce

Richard Alston

Siobhan Davies

Jiří Kylián

Mats Ek

José Limόn

Alvin Ailey

Martha Graham

Doris Humphrey

Merce Cunningham

The Judson Church
Rudolf Laban

Mary Wigman

Kurt Joos
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